Well what a fantastic St Patrick’s Day – we had a great craic at The Song Loft, York House ☘️with The Fogues. Victoria Holton (Bucks) March 2023

Was my first trip to the Loft. I’ll be back! Helen Fisher (Bucks) January 2023

Superlative night and a great turn-out for this talented band [i.e. Granny’s Attic]. Not just fiendishly good music but a jolly, entertaining show. Ken Daniels (Bucks) November 2022

We had a fabulous evening and enjoyed listening to such a wonderful mix of people…Such an appreciative audience though and everyone made us feel so welcome. We will definitely be back. Helen Cottrell of the Stony Sirens (Bucks) November 2022

Another fine night from the Song Loft. Dave Quayle (Bucks) October 2022

Amazing night @ The Song Loft with the ridiculously talented Will Pound. Paul McLean (Bucks) September 2022

What a brilliant night last night in Stony Stratford, it was just great playing to a full house again. A really lovely crowd of great singers. Lovely to see our old pal, John, from Coventry in the crowd and to see the lovely couple who’d travelled 75 miles from Surrey. Big thanks to Five men not called Matt for their fabulous support and to Ken for booking us again and a huge thanks to Andrew and Julia for looking after us and, once again, providing wonderful hospitality. Kimber’s Men (Yorks) June 2022

The whole evening was a delight – fab atmosphere, wonderful music, instruments and singing perfectly complemented each other. And I won the raffle! You could definitely say the craic was in the Beechey Room!!! Sally Barnes (Bucks) June 2022

Thank you to Andrew and all the team so much for a beautiful night! Thank you to Annie and Jamie for a wonderful support spot. We’ll be back! Niamh Parsons (Dublin) June 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday evening, brilliant musicianship. Chrissy Leonhardt (Bucks) May 2022

I thought I had won the lottery when I found your website with the details of the concert. Dr Glen Johnston (Cornwall) May 2022  

Great night at the Song Loft, what a wonderfully talented bunch of people. Andy Powell (Bucks) May 2022

Had a great time at York House last night, with Evie Ladin and Keith Terry from California. Two highly talented and lovely people. Maurice Clark (Bucks) April 2022

Another excellent evening. Had no idea what I was coming to. Just wonderful. Shahnaz Hussain (Bucks) April 2022

One of our favorite gigs. Evie Ladin (Oakland, Calif) April 2022

Genuinely one of the best gigs I’ve ever been a part of! Fantastic Vibe. Fantastic club! Thanks muchly. Keith Donnelly (Warwickshire) April 2022

What an enjoyable and entertaining evening. Such great music all round. Look forward to returning. Wickenwood (Herts) April 2022

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